Bright Finish
   Matt Finish
   Sand Finish
   Brushed Finish
   Specialized Finish


 Bright Finish●Top

800 Bright
790.20 Bright•Glod

 Matt Finish●Top

620G Matt
780 Semi Specular
915 Satin Matt

 Sand Finish●Top

690 Fine Sand
695 Metalic Sand

 Brushed Finish●Top

Drawing Finish
Brushed Finish
Hairline Finish

 Specialized Finish●Top

230 Zebra
270 Wide Soft Gloss
280 Erotex
53A Hammertone(concave)
612 Cross
613 Linen
616 Cross
TBP Tannenbaum
 More colors can be provided according to customers' requirements●Top


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