Anodizing Technology

Anodizing Technology
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What's anodizing technology

It is a kind of electrolytic oxidizing process during which the surface of aluminum (or aluminum alloy) usually turns into one oxidized layer whose function is protection properties, decorating and others.

Why anodizing

Continuous coil anodized aluminum is proved to be the most effective coil aluminum surface treatment technology.You can discover the difference between Anometal® anodized aluminum and untreated aluminum with two simple tests.

Performance of Anti corrosion

normal Aluminum sheet

Normal Aluminum sheet with 168hrs salt spread test

Anodized Aluminum sheet

Anodized Aluminum sheet with 168hrs salt spread test

UV Performance

No impact to anodized aluminum surface

With 10 minutes sunshine exposure test:
No impact to anodized aluminum surface

impact the ordinary painted aluminum

With 10 minutes sunshine exposure test:
Cover the right side of the ordinary painted aluminum
Find the left obviously become yellow

The advantages of Anometal® anodized aluminum:
• Top-grade quality. Refined, luxurious and sparky surface
• Unique finish
• Low proportion, only 1/3 of stainless steel weight and easy for further fabrication
• Sapphire grade surface hardness for scratching resistance
• Environmental friendly material
• Anti-interference, shield electromagnetic wave
• High thermal conductivity, which perfectly for electronic device
• High finger print resistance and do not attract dust
• The oxidizing layer will not crach, peel off or flake
• Multiple colours can provide unlimited possibilities for device design
• Simplified flow, high yield productivity, cost saving
Anometal® product value:
• Quality updating
• Simplify process with efficiency improving
• High yield productivity£¨cost saving

anometal production advantages

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